The glittering beaches of Diani, Kenya: succumb to the enchanting beauty of this paradise coast.

L'éclat étincelant des plages de Diani, Kenya : succombez à la beauté enchanteresse de cette côte paradisiaque

The sparkling shine of the beaches of Diani, Kenya

With its turquoise waters and white sands, the paradise coast of Diani, located in southern Kenya, is one of the most popular destinations for beach lovers. The beaches are lined with coconut trees that sway gently in the wind, and the sunsets are so spectacular they will leave you speechless. A magical beach holiday is guaranteed at Diani.

A variety of aquatic activities

Diani’s beaches are the ideal place for various water activities. You can indulge in scuba diving, sailing, fishing, windsurfing or snorkeling. The waters are clear and calm, making it an excellent place to learn to swim or to improve your skills. Vacationers can also rent boats and kayaks to explore the coast.

A variety of accommodations

Vacationers in Diani can choose from a variety of accommodations, from luxury hotels to small vacation homes. Luxury hotels offer all kinds of services and activities: infinity pools, spas, gourmet restaurants, beach clubs, beauty salons and golf courses. Small holiday homes are ideal for families and groups who want more privacy and freedom.

A variety of restaurants and entertainment

Diani offers a variety of restaurants and entertainment to suit all tastes. You will find bars, beach clubs, nightclubs and restaurants serving Kenyan and international dishes. Vacationers can also enjoy local dance, music and theater performances.

A variety of things to see and do

In addition to beaches and water activities, Diani offers a variety of things to see and do. Vacationers can visit historic sites, nature reserves, marine reserves and national parks. You will also be able to visit traditional villages, traditional manufacturing factories and local markets.


The sparkling brilliance of the beaches of Diani, Kenya, is an ideal destination for holidaymakers looking for a relaxing and magical holiday. With its turquoise waters and white sands, this paradise coast offers a variety of water activities, accommodations, restaurants and entertainment. In addition to the beaches, you can also visit historical sites, nature reserves and national parks. So succumb to the enchanting beauty of this heavenly coast and experience an unforgettable vacation.

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