European gastronomy for young and old: dishes not to be missed

La gastronomie européenne pour les petits et les grands : les plats à ne pas manquer

European gastronomy: dishes not to be missed

When traveling in Europe, gastronomy is one of the main attractions. The different cultures and unique ingredients offer a variety of dishes to discover. Whether you are a big gourmet or a little gourmet, there are many dishes not to be missed.


Italy is known for its rich gastronomy and tasty dishes. Must-try dishes include pizza and pasta. Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in Italy and there are many varieties including Neapolitan pizza, Sicilian pizza and Roman pizza. Pasta is also very popular and is served in a variety of ways, including in tomato sauce, bolognese sauce, and carbonara sauce.


Spain is famous for its tapas, which are small varied dishes that can be served as a starter or main course. Tapas are usually served with wine or beer and are perfect for young and old. Among the most popular tapas are olives, anchovies, prawns and calamari.


France is famous for its rich and varied cuisine. Must-try dishes include ratatouille, cassoulet, onion soup and duck à l’orange. Ratatouille is a dish made from simmered vegetables and served with rice or pasta. Cassoulet is a bean and meat dish served with bread. Onion soup is a soup made with caramelized onions and grated Swiss cheese. Duck à l’orange is a duck dish served with an orange sauce and vegetables.

United Kingdom

The UK is famous for its traditional dishes, including fish and chips, haggis and Sunday roast. Fish and chips is a fish and chips dish served with tartar sauce. Haggis is a dish made from sheep’s liver, cereals and spices, served with potatoes and vegetables. The Sunday roast is a dish made with meat, vegetables and roasted potatoes.

Other European countries

There are many other European countries that offer delicious and varied dishes. In Germany, don’t forget to try sauerkraut, bratwurst and goulash. In Greece, try tzatziki, moussaka and gyros. In Sweden, try fish soup, reindeer meat and meatballs.

Finally, in Eastern Europe, don’t forget to taste pierogis, goulashes and blinis. No matter which country you visit, you will find delicious dishes to taste. So, don’t forget to taste European gastronomy when you travel to Europe!

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